Friday, 23 December 2011

"There's Only One Harry Moseley!"

Well it's been over 2 months now since Harry sadly lost his battle with his inoperable brain tumour, but his legacy lives on.

For those who do not know, Harry Moseley is a young boy from Birmingham who in 2007 was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, Harry was a wonderful person with a very supportive family. Harry's initiative led to the creation of the chairty "Help Harry Help Others" or "#HHHO" as it often circulated around Twitter. Harry put alot of hard work in creating bracelets that he sold to raise money for research into brain cancer. At the time of his sad passing, he had raised over half a million pounds, a phenominal acheivement we should all admire. 

Harry showing his bracelets with TV presenter Ben Shepherd and football legend Gary Lineker.

Harry touched and inspired the lives of many, both celebrities and non-celebrities were and still are in full swing with his bracelets purchasing them and wearing them with pride. BRMB presenter Tom Ross, a bluenose just like Harry, sold Help Harry Help Others bracelets produced by Harry's kind family in the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham and raised £4600.

The footballing world supported Harry, he gained tremendous support from both Jack Wilshere and Rio Ferdinand, senior England internationals. On the 16th October 2011, Birmingham City hosted Leicester in the npower Championship, and in memory of young Harry, Blues held a minutes applause for him. It was a very touching tribute and it was incredible to hear chants eminating from behind me of "One Harry Moseley, There's only one Harry Moseley!" during the loud applause by both sets of fans. Blues went on to win the game 2-0 and striker Chris Wood and other players mentioned how they dedicated the win to Harry Moseley.

But the main reason I have decided to write about Harry today, is that this morning he featured on the Jeremy Kyle show, highlighting what an inspiration he was. Alot of the country outside of the Midlands may not have heard of Harry Moseley, but by now i'm sure they have. Harry was top trending on Twitter with "RIP Harry" and reading through tweets I was very pleased with the support this incredible young man received, mostly. Those of you who use twitter regularly will know of the "beliebers" a.k.a fans of Justin Bieber, basically sad obsessive 12 year old girls who wish they knew Justin Bieber, pathetic really. The same goes for X Factor finalist boyband One Direction, they too have crazy deluded "fans" who most of which look like animal experiments, goes to show hey! Anyway, one of the One Direction band members is called Harry Styles. And I, and many others were disgusted to see tweets such as "OMG i had a mini heart attack when i saw RIP Harry thinking it was OUR Harry"... I know, my reaction was just as bad. I was shocked, and sickened. Even if they did not know Harry Moseley for whatever reason, if there is RIP in front of their name , you show respect! Death is a horrible thing that has come to effect us all in one way or another during life.
That's my rant over, I hope this piece really shows just how much of an inspiration Harry Moseley was and still is, too me and many others.  

RIP Harry, you will never be forgotten.

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